About Us

What if we could create a piece of software that would solve 3 major problems in the early education / daycare realm.

"A child creates more cognitive tissue in their brain from age 0 to 3 than they do the entire rest of their life COMBINED."
(1) A reporting tool where teachers give baseline ideas to parents on how well their children are doing in a particular subject. (ie: colors, alphabet, writing letters, sequencing, attention, sharing, etc)

(2) A way for parents and teachers to quickly communicate with each other, so that they can work together to ensure learning in a child.

(3) A suggestion engine that will help parents become educators. We like to think we know what we’re doing, but we all need help knowing what apps, books, and toys would be beneficial for our children.

WePort Card is creating something that will bring an expensive private charter school experience to all early education centers. And at the same time create a way for parents & teachers to work together to educate today's children.

That is precisely what the WePort Card team has built. As parents we want to make sure our kids get the best, and like anything else the more information you have the better you can understand & improve upon. WePort Card is giving parents the reporting, the open communication with teachers, and educating us on how to better educate our children at home. - WePort Card Team